by Nicole

Bringing small and medium sized businesses premiere access to the world’s largest international express delivery company.

Did you know 98% of US exporters are small and medium sized businesses?

It’s easy to think that international trade is dominated by large, global enterprises. But every day new tools emerge to make it easier for small and medium sized businesses to compete internationally.

Our buying power with DHL Express ensures that no matter your business’s size, we will provide significant cost savings. Our domestic rates are also very competitive. For both international and domestic shipments, you have access to free pickups, minimal fees and free web-based shipping platforms. Prices with Preferred are predictable and not contingent on an annual shipping volume.

Preferred Shipping has grown for the last 25 years because customer service is at our core. All of our customers, no matter their size or shipping volume, receive exceptional customer service. Whether you need help navigating customs regulations or need help quoting an unusual shipment, you will talk to a person, not an answering service. We are also always building our online knowledge center to provide a library of resources for our customers reference.

We are committed to building long-term, strategic partnerships with our customers. We regularly guide our customers as they expand to new markets and navigate changing regulatory environments.

Are you ready to grow your business globally? We’re ready to help.

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