Multi-Carrier Shipping System

Multi-Carrier Shipping System

by Nicole

With PSCSHIP, our exceptional multi-carrier shipping system, you can manage your entire shipping process from one location. In addition to using PSCSHIP for the DHL and USPS accounts you manage through Preferred Shipping, you can bring your own FedEx and UPS rates into the system. This allows you to rate shop and choose the best option for each package. We offer every customer access to our proprietary system, and it’s FREE:

  • Web-based shipping system is free to all Preferred Shipping customers! (Similar systems usually average at least $50/month)
  • Bring your own UPS or FedEx carrier account
  • Easily quote all international and domestic shipments with all carriers
  • Process shipments with any carrier through PSCSHIP
  • All shipping history in one place with live shipment tracking
  • Schedule pickups with any carrier
  • Access our experienced team for all technology and shipping support

PSCSHIP Multi-Carrier vs Other Shipping Solutions

Video Demos

Once you become a customer, it’s easy to add additional carriers, rate shop, and make shipments. These videos can show you how easy our system is. But we’d love to show you a live demo too!

How to Add a Carrier

How to Quote and Rate Shop

How to Make a Shipment

If you’d like a live demo or need helping getting set-up, please contact us online or call us at (800) 827-7987.

Did you know you can also integrate shopping carts and marketplaces directly into PSCSHIP?

When an order comes in from Woocommerce, Shopify, eBay and many other shopping carts or marketplace, the orders can be automatically imported into PSCSHIP. Manual orders can be shipped as well. All orders are quoted and shipped through our multi-carrier solution. The history will show all shipments processed, where they came from and includes a live tracking link.