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How do I chamberize my shipping documents?

September 18, 2013

How do I chamberize my shipping documents?

by cdatwood
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When making shipments to countries the U.S. has trade agreements with, or when the shipment’s consignee requests it, you may need to provide a chamberized Certificate of Origin with your shipping documents. For the Certificate to be valid, it must have a stamp from a U.S. Chamber of Commerce local chapter, certifying that the item being shipped was manufactured in the U.S.

If you need to have a Certificate of Origin chamberized, you can contact your local chamber of commerce, who will sign and stamp the document. Some will provide this service for free, others for a small fee. If shipping regularly, you will need to have an original certificate chamberized for each shipment — the seal cannot be reused or used for multiple air waybills.

Our International Help Desk can also assist you with chamberizing a document, coordinate the process for you and deliver your chamberized document to your office. Just contact the Desk or your local shipping expert, and they can begin the process for you.

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