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Venezuela Export Update

Due to ongoing unrest in Venezuela, its government’s ability to manage its customs port authorities has been severely impacted. This has led to many customs work stoppages and port outages, directly affecting the ports of entry and their ability to process import shipments.

At the present, customs and the ports of entry are unpredictable and may closed or open inconsistently and without notice. All carrier’s abilities to process imports are being impacted. Due to the inconsistent, unpredictable port closers, most carriers have suspended service to Venezuela and some are holding shipments awaiting a change in customs and port status.

New updates will be provided as they become available.

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Preferred Shipping to offer Domestic Solution

You asked and we’ve answered: Preferred Shipping now offers domestic shipping services!

We’ve got an exciting new partnership that allows us to offer great service and rates through the USPS, the largest residential delivery network in the country. Just like our international shipping program, our domestic service offers competitive pricing, exceptional customer service and a free, easy-to-use online platform.

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