Shipping Technology

Shipping Technology

by cdatwood

Our shipping technology can keep your business in motion, no matter your daily shipping volume. We have solutions for small-to-medium businesses, as well as larger businesses making tens or hundreds of shipments per day, all designed to make your life easier, more efficient and giving you the benefit of your low Preferred Shipping rate for DHL Express.

To get you started, learn more about PSCSHIP, DHL Import Express Online®, DHL Easyship® for shipping, and DHL Proview® for Tracking.

Export Shipping Technology

PSCSHIP, our innovative web-based shipping tool, is perfect for the majority of our customers. Doing everything from creating export shipments to scheduling pick ups, this online shipping tool works in your web browser, giving you the power to choose the number of users and shipment stations to have. Even your accounting department will love PSCSHIP because it gives easy access to past shipments and invoices. Your local shipping expert or our International Help Desk are available to offer trainings and PSCSHIP demos. We can even setup a webinar to train your employees all at once, and give you access to the recording for anybody who may have been unable to attend.

For larger volumes, DHL EasyShip is available to customers who qualify (our International Help Desk can let you know if you do). EasyShip can run on one or many computers in your shipping warehouse, giving you a valuable tool for high-volume fulfillment with the benefit of your low Preferred Shipping rate. Our team will help procure the software for your business, monitor the installation and deployment, and train your employees on how to use the system.

Import Shipping Technology

For import shipments, Preferred Shipping and DHL Express offer DHL Import Express Online. This easy-to-use, online shipping tool allows you to setup shipments for your importers, view commercial invoices and airway bills, arrange for pickups (without a fee) and lets you monitor the shipment while in transit.

Tracking Technology

Tracking a shipment is easier than ever — just visit and type in the DHL tracking number on any page of our website, and get an up-to-the-minute glance at the location of your shipment.

For tracking all shipments made on your account, Preferred Shipping and DHL offer DHL Proview. Track all your shipments in one online location, and even get email or text alerts for your packages as they travel across the world, clear customs, and arrive at the shipment’s recipient.