Domestic Shipping

Domestic Shipping

by Nicole

Domestic Logistics Solution

Our partnership with Panda Postage (a certified USPS reseller) allows us to bring our customers access to USPS, the largest residential delivery network in the country, at the best rate! Our goal is to enable SMBs the ability to compete with larger organizations on price and logistics.

Working with Preferred Parcel

  • Parcel optimization solution: We provide significant volume discounts to SMBs.
  • Exceptional customer service: Our customers talk directly to a shipping expert, not an automated service.
  • Personalized support: You have a dedicated account manager for both your international and domestic portfolio.
  • Easy-to-use-technology: Preferred provides a free multi-carrier shipping platform for your use.
  • Free parcel analysis: This service allows us to determine the best ways to save your business time and money.

Why the USPS?

USPS provides the largest residential delivery network in the nation and delivers 6 days a week. Most deliveries take 1-3 days. Additionally, we work with our partners to give you the best rates possible. Working with Preferred Parcel and USPS means:

  • No residential delivery fee
  • No fuel surcharge
  • No Saturday delivery fee
  • Very competitive dimensional weight rules
  • No DAS fees
  • Free packaging

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