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When do I need to legalize my shipping documents?


Legalization of your Certificate of Origin, and other paperwork, is required when sending to some countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, the United Kingdom and Singapore, or when your consignee requests it. If you need legalized paperwork, please contact our International Help Desk or your local shipping expert immediately to begin the process, as there is a lead time of up to a week, depending on the country. Other countries require legalized paperwork in some cases.

Please contact our International Help Desk or your local shipping expert to discuss the exact requirements and lead time, or determine if your shipment’s destination requires legalized paperwork.

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When do I need to chamberize my shipping documents?


Any shipment that requires a Certificates of Origin, or if your consignee requests one, must be chamberized by a U.S. chapter of the Chamber of Commerce to be valid. To learn how to chamberize a certificate of origin, we have a how-to article, or you can call our International Help Desk or your local shipping expert, and they can have the document chamberized and sent to you directly.

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When do I need a NAFTA Certificate of Origin?


When shipping between Mexico, Canada and the United States, companies seeking the benefit of reduced or eliminated rates of customs duty through the North American Free Trade Agreement, can do so with the proper paperwork. Shipments valued at $1,00 USD or less require only the NAFTA statement be present on the commercial invoice. Shipments valued at greater than $1,00 USD, or when required by the buyer, should have a chamberized NAFTA Certificate of Origin, along with the air waybill and commercial invoice.

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What is an EEI, and when do I need to file one?


The Electronic Export Identifier, or EEI, is the replacement for the no-longer-accepted manual filing process known as the shipper’s export declaration or SED form. The U.S. Bureau of Census replaced the forms with this electronic process through its AES Direct website.

When to File

An EEI is required for all shipments that have a value of greater than $2,500 U.S. per single commodity, sent from one shipper to one consignee. It’s also required for shipments traveling on Export License, DOD, ITAR or DOS, or for shipments going to some destination countries such as Iraq, Afganistan or Libya, regardless of value.

For example, if you are going to ship a gift to your customers along with their product on a single air waybill, and the product is worth $10,000 U.S., then an EEI will be required. The only commodities required to be on the EEI are those valued at more than $2,500, so you would list their product, but not the gift.

You also have the option of using DHL as your EEI filing agent, where you provide information to DHL, and they process the EEI on your behalf. If you are switching from UPS or FedEx, you may be used to having them be the EEI filing agent. If you choose this option, you will need to use DHL Webship or EasyShip.

Our International Help Desk can also file an EEI on your behalf, but we’ll need your company’s tax ID the first time, and for each shipment we’ll need the commercial invoice. This allows us to easily complete shipments for you, if you prefer, or to provide you the ITN transaction number for use in PSCSHIP if you would like to process the shipment yourself.

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Regulatory Forms for International Shipments


Whether you are shipping exports or imports internationally, there are a variety of documents you may need.

Shipping Documents

Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials

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DHL Country Import Guidelines Index


Each country has different guidelines for documents and commodities. To find the country you’re shipping to, find the region in the list below, and click on it. Then you will be able to choose a country. The DHL Express Import Guidelines page for that country will open in a new window.





North America

South America